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Roommates Blackmail

Lexi's jobless slob of a roommate who hasn't been able to pay rent for months, it is about time he be taught a lesson. Lexi and her friends corner him and ask how the job hunt has been going? They overpower him then strip all of his clothes off, Lexi has a surprise way of getting him to take job hunting more serious. The roommate spends too much time being distracted my online porn, maybe if he can no longer jerk off he can finally find a job! The girls laugh and humiliate him as they lock his prick away in chastity. Now that Lexi has him right where she wants him, desperate to make her happy if he ever wants to have his cock out of the cage again. Lexi orders he clean up the house, and normal clothes just will not due. The girls force a Bra, panty, wig, and apron on their new house sissy. The girls take photos of him humiliates and cross dressed, he had better due what they say or else everyone will see his incriminating photos. Looks like Mina, Kendra, & Lexi have a new bitch to wait on them hand and foot.

Date Added: August 1, 2018


19 min of video


Rating: 3.0/5.0

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